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Service Industry

Do your customers need help paying for your services?
Are your customers declining services because of the cost?
Are your customers unable qualify for your current financing?
Would you like to save the missed opportunities by capturing the customers who don't have the money to pay upfront?
Are you uncomfortable offering an in-house payment arrangement?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions than EBA Financial has the products to help both you and your customers. EBA Financial works with businesses in the service industry across the nation by helping their customers afford their service and repairs.

In House Consumer Financing

This program allows your business to receive payment for your services UPFRONT. Rather than check the credit of your customers, we're simply analyzing their check writing and re-payment history. Because of this, we're able to approve 50-60% of customers who apply.

Check Processing and Guarantee

Worried about taking personal checks as a form of payment?
Our Full Check Guarantee allows you to take personal checks by guaranteeing the check instantly ON-SITE. You'll no longer have to deal with the anxiety of waiting for the check to clear the bank. This practically eliminates the tedious trips to the bank to make deposits and the need to charge returned check fees for the inconvenience. Above all, this method of payment is less expensive than processing credit cards!