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Merchant Services

merchant serviceMost business owners understand that accepting credit cards is a MUST in order for their business to be successful. Unfortunately, there are costs associated with accepting this type of payment. Most business owners do not fully understand the fine details of accepting credit cards, which results in the owners unknowingly paying more than they should for this vital service.

Additionally, most businesses are inundated with annoying calls from merchant service providers demanding, "Send me your statement and we will save you money;" adding even more frustration to accepting credit cards. This is where EBA Financial can help. With over a decade of experience...

With over a decade of experience in the merchant services business, we understand how complicated this industry can be. True to EBA Financial's business motto: Vetting the Market to Bring the Best to Our Customers, we have established vendor relationships with the leading wholesale processors in the industry. At EBA Financial, we will analyze your business to gain a full understanding of your business inner-workings. After we've completed your business analysis, we will match up your specific business needs with the best wholesale processor to service your account.

Between our industry experience and our vendor relationships, we guarantee that we'll meet or beat your current rates! Period.

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