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ATM Services


EBA Financial understands the need for certain business types to offer ATM services at their place of business.

EBA Financial has partnered with ATM USA to bring this vital service to our customers. ATM USA is a leader in the ATM industry and offers a full turnkey solution.
The world of retail is looking up.
Shoppers. Guests. Excited crowds at events. ATM USA Retail Managed Solutions and Services can help keep money exchanging hands, cash registers ringing and everybody happy. Your brand can't help but look great.
The essentials for ATM uptime.
There's nothing worse than an angry shopper standing in front of a malfunctioning ATM machine. Satisfied shoppers and ATM uptime are critical. Let the ATM USA program help with ATM Managed Solutions.
With the ATM USA Program, you'll get turnkey managed solutions (at qualifying locations) that can include:
How to make money by giving away money.
By simply providing an ATM for your shoppers, you can count on increasing your revenue without selling a thing. Unlike bank-sponsored machines, our ATMs charge a fee for every withdrawal a customer makes.
Access innovations in uptime.
Additionally, all ATM USA systems are compatible with the ATM USA Uptime Service Console. This innovative console helps find, isolate and fix ATM problems before you or your shoppers even know there is a problem.
The right place and the right size.
This includes grocery stores and convenience stores, where space is limited.
Regulations are a must.
You can count on ATM USA to help you adhere to all new government regulations and mandates. You'll get ATMs that are ADA compliant and feature Triple DES technology. The Triple DES triple encryption on PINs has the added benefit of being much safer for shoppers.
Partnerships are all about uptime.
Partner with ATM specialists who have worked diligently to maintain a highly respected service record that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry. By choosing our Managed Solutions option, you'll enjoy less ATM downtime. Increased uptime means better service for your customers and greater revenues.

At EBA Financial we are here to help you get this vital service in your business. By working with EBA Financial we will custom design an ATM system that works specifically for your business. We can supply you with all the equipment (Leasing Available), software and back end support needed to successfully implement ATM services into your business. For more information on our ATM services, simply fill out the Business Evaluation Form stating you are interested in our ATM services and we will contact your directly.