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EBA Financial's Multi-Lender Consumer Financing Platform

EBA Financial's new Multi-Lender Consumer Financing Platform is redefining both Online and Brick-and-Mortar Consumer Financing. With ONE application your customers will receive multiple loan offers from our platform of diverse lenders. Through our unique waterfall process your customers will move through our multiple lending tiers (approving credit from A to F) thus APPROVING MORE customers resulting in increased SALES and PROFITS for your business. Our Consumer Financing Platform will also allow your business to be highly competitive by offering your customers the "best deal possible" for their financing needs..... all from ONE simple customer application. No longer will your sales people have to spend their valuable time getting customers to fill out multiple lender applications (with multiple credit inquiries) for loan approvals.

Online Businesses- Our Multi-Lender Consumer Financing Platform can be easily integrated into your website through our Simple Integration (simple financing button on your website) and/or our Complete Integration (fully integrated into your shopping cart). Your customers will apply for financing directly off your website with instant approvals while you monitor the entire process through our powerful Back Office dashboard.

Brick-and-Mortar Businesses- Our Multi-Lender Consumer Financing Platform can be offered directly to your in-store customers many different ways, for example; a tablet, laptop, PC, in-store kiosk, touch screen computer or directly off your website. We can provide you with a turn-key in-store solution or you can simple use your current equipment. Your customers will receive instant approvals directly on your showroom floor. No personal information is stored on any equipment or device, all data is transmitted instantly through a secured internet transmission. Our powerful Back Office dashboard will allow you to monitor all your current and previous approvals.

Back Office Dashboard- With our powerful Back Office dashboard, you will be able to see, in real time, all of your customer's loans and track each loan through the approval process. You will be able to create reports, monitor loan approvals, see which lenders are working with which customers and see when the loans are funded.
Registering for our Multi-Lender Financing Platform is fast and easy. Just complete the simple form and underwriting will review your application. Once approved you will receive our Merchant Agreement for your review and execution. There are NO fees or obligation to sign up for our program.

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