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High Risk ACH Check Processing Increase Sales up to 20%

With EBA Financial, high risk merchants now have an effective method to capture more orders from buyers who do not have cards, have maxed out cards, or simply prefer to pay using a bank account rather than a card. Merchants that add electronic checks at checkout experience sales lifts of up to 20%. And save up to 70% on expenses compared to card payment processing.

Accepting payments from a customer's bank account stabilizes cash flow for merchants with recurring billing models. Consumers rarely change bank accounts, which creates a steady revenue stream with little need for customer service.

Compare this to card payments, where 25% of cards are reissued every year, causing disruptions in cash flow. And increasing the need to have customer service constantly updating payment information.

Recurring payments are a standard feature of all high risk processing accounts. This is perfect for merchants that bill on a regular basis for services or for subscriptions and memberships.


EBA Financial payment processing solutions increase your business profits. All high risk merchants are welcome to apply including those in the following industries:
Adult Payday Loans Ecommerce
Collection Agencies Recurring Billing Travel
Infomercials Network Marketing/MLM Call Centers
Subscriptions Internet Services Web Hosting
Financial Services Ticket Brokers Nutraceuticals
Debt Buyers High Volume Merchants Dating
Sports Forecasting Affiliate Marketing Warranties
Check Cashers Cash Advance Software
Credit Repair eWallets Loan Modification
Time Share Advertising Discount Memberships
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