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Check Processing and Guarantee

electronic check guarantee
checkmarkNever Take a Bad Check Again!
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Do you have a sign in your window that reads, "No Personal Checks"? If so, at EBA Financial understands why business owners avoid accepting checks without knowing if they are securing a guaranteed payment. Believe it or not, accepting checks in your business, as with any other method of payment, can increase revenue in your business. By avoiding checks as a form of payment, you're indirectly avoiding your potential customers who prefer to write a check as opposed to using cash or credit cards. To eliminate the stress associated with accepting and processing checks, EBA Financial offers the following option to limit the risk to your business.

Full Check Guarantee

This worry-free option enables business owners to accept checks, by guaranteeing the funds, EVEN IF THE CHECK BOUNCES!

You will also receive the following luxuries:

Check Verification

This hassle-free option minimizes the trips to the bank! Rather than wait until after a wasted trip to the bank to reconcile funds on a check that bounces, you'll be able to verify the check writer's bank account status on the spot. This option allows you to electronically deposit your checks using an on-site check imager. If the check is returned, we will automatically collect on the check for you. Included with check verification is the following:

Electronic Check Conversion

The base of the check verification program is the electronic check conversion. This option makes accepting checks as fast and easy as taking credit cards. Once authorized, funds are then electronically processed and deposited into the business owner's bank account. You'll be able to expedite the receipt of your funds and reduce bank fees associated with returned checks. This will also assist loss prevention because you'll no longer have to wait until the end of the day to process checks. Last but not least, you will no longer have to spend time waiting in line at the bank!

Recurring Billing

Many customers enjoy the convenience of recurring or automated billing. With our program, you'll be able to accept both single AND recurring payments according to a customized billing schedule. You'll be able to implement membership fees, monthly dues or any other payments that may recur. In the meantime, these funds will also be automatically deposited in your business account, as with our other services. By using this flexible option, you'll inadvertently be providing better customer service for your customers, while allowing yourself to build more revenue.